Friday, November 4, 2016

Another head cold

I fully meant to blog earlier in the week but got knocked down by yet another head cold - this has been the sickest year! I don't know why, it's not like I'm working too hard or going anywhere particularly full of germs. Must just be old age. I left work early on Tuesday  and had Wednesday at home to recover. Which meant I missed the work Melbourne Cup festivities ... chicken and champagne lunch and watching the race. I had already bought $20 worth of sweep tickets (and got back exactly $2.40. Gamble Responsibly.) I think the cold is starting to go away, and a couple of days at home over the weekend will perk me up. I wanted to go down the coast but that's not going to happen sadly - I am too woozy for the open road.

Last weekend was fairly busy - number two son had his birthday party which was lovely. This is the cream-filled sponge with passionfruit icing and sliced banana birthday cake. They are very self-contained and nice group of kids and they just sort of hung out, and ate, and took the dog to the park. Twelve year olds .... long may it last. One of his friends stayed for a sleepover which was good, and then we went to her parents' house for lunch on Sunday and had our own little party. Finally, some social life of my own. And yes, he has green hair again. Leprechaun.

I went for a run Sunday morning and it was super windy and grey. They were having races of those tiny little boats with one person and sails like teatowels. This photo is just them starting off but I think some could have come to grief before too long; it was that windy. The water didn't look particularly pleasant to have tipped over into.

And we had our last weaving class, which is sad, becasue I have been enjoying it very much. I hem stitched the ends of my scarf and twirled the fringe into little tassels with this fringe twirling machine. A bit fiddly but rather fun. I have washed the scarf, which apparently is essential to make it square and set the threads or something, and I'll take a proper photo of the finished product to show you all. In the meantime you can admire my twirly fringe. That boucle really didn't want to co-operate.




  1. Your weaving looks beautiful, like all you do. Why does your son cover up his beautiful red hair with green?? I do hope it's not permanent... My son is beginning to go grey... at 32. I blame his dad's genes.

  2. hope you get to feeling better soon. the scarf looks very pretty.