Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Another beach weekend

After a hot week in Canberra I was very happy to head off to the beach on Friday after work - with number one son this time. Number two had a birthday party on Friday evening, and a one-night-only Japanese anime film he and his friends HAD to see on Saturday night ... so my husband stayed with him and me and the big lad drove down to the ocean.

This photo was taken Saturday morning when I went for a walk. I left a note in case my son woke up - but he didn't. Not until 12.30!!! What is this? Fourteen year old boys are indeed the sleeping and eating machines that everyone said they would be. I shouldn't be surprised but somehow I still am.

I was determined to swim, so even though it was only about 20 degrees, we got into our togs on Saturday afternoon and headed round to the big beach to catch some waves. The water was FREEZING, but we stayed in for about three quarters of an hour. The surf was quite good. I had a wetsuit and an insulating layer of subcutaenous fat, so I was actually fine, but my son who had neither was getting a bit chilly by the end. Actually he was turning blue, and shivering, so time to go home for a hot shower.
We went to the big beach because the surf at the beach out of the front wasn't very good, but it turned out a sensible decision because the front beach was absolutely littered with blue bottles. These aren't the ones that kill you - normally - but the sting is apparently extremely painful. We don't swim when they come in. It's usually on an easterly wind and they're gone a day after the wind changes.
I dragged him out for an evening walk. It wasn't  particularly pleasant, but we had the beach to ourselves! Lots of lovely fresh air. He was taking artistic photos with his iphone of shells and stuff.


  1. Thanks for including the link about Blue Bottles, because otherwise I would have thought they were polution from some factory! hahaha

  2. Only 20 degrees! Sounds like quite a warm summer's day to me.