Friday, November 18, 2016

Trying cotton

The 4-ply blue wool scarf was lovely once it was woven, but it was a tiny bit thick and fluffy to go comfortably through the heddle slots when I was warping. So I've done another scarf as an experiment with 3-ply crochet cotton - just the stuff from Spotlight, so nothing fancy. Mostly cream with three narrow green stripes on one side and three narrow yellow stripes on the other side. And here is the finished product.

I experimented with a variety of different threads on the weft. Some of it is the same crochet cotton that I used on the warp - yellow at far right in the photo above - which makes a nice light open weave. Some of it is thicker yarn - the cream is an 8-ply cotton that I use for knitting dishcloths. The thick yellow is a cotton/linen blend that felt absolutely lovely on the ball but wove up really strange ... quite coarse and ropey and spongey. I don't know how to predict what yarn will do! The thin green is crochet cotton and the darker thicker green is a cotton/silk blend that was on special at Spotlight and is really lovely, both on the ball and woven. I just hemstiched the ends, and trimmed and knotted the fringe.

The cotton was much easier to warp, but the finished product isn't as nice as the cuddly wool. And my edges are still a bit wobbly. I have washed it and will perhaps use it as a summer scarf. Is there such a thing? We're headed for our first thirty degree day of the summer today, and I don't really want to wear any kind of scarf. Anyway, for the record, this was another 120 end scarf 2.5 m long on the 12 dpi heddle.

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