Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Summer summer summer summer

Remind me not to whinge about cold weather - the weekend was scorching! Thirty-two degrees both days and building up to a whopper electrical storm on Sunday evening. That delivered a heap of very welcome rain. We had put aside the weekend for gardening ... but it was too hot. After a couple of hours on Saturday morning I was drooping (and dripping) so had a cold shower and gave up. The garden is looking lovely though. We hauled a lot of mulch to try and keep the weeds down and the soil reasonably cool.

In the afternoon we went to the 100 objects exhibition at the National Museum. It was awesome! Objects from the British Museum, which may be worth visiting at some point in my life :) We ooo'd and aaah'd at the amazingly old things, and odd things, and interesting things - and did the "if you could take one home what would it be?" discussion. Both my husband and I decided, independently, that we would take home the chronometer from the Beagle. We both thought that the actual chronometer (which is a very cool thing in itself) from the actual Beagle would be pretty awesome to have on your sideboard.

On Sunday I went to book club where the bloke in our book club (there's only one) had picked 'Lightning' by Dean Koontz. It was crap. Even the bloke said it wasn't as good as he remembered it from 1989 when he read it first. No shit. About fifty pages in I thought 'Jesus Christ this better not be time-travelling Nazis' and what do you know, another twenty pages, turns out they're time-travelling Nazis. Not that a crap book matters because we only spend ten minutes talking about the book anyway! Our  next event is the Christmas dinner, and we decided to not even try to have a book for that one. Just dinner.


  1. your flowers are really pretty. okay, what is the Beagle? to me, it means a small hound dog.

  2. Your garden is lovely but in this country, you'd never get rid of the valerian. It's pretty but it seeds EVERYWHERE.