Thursday, November 10, 2016

Scarves and tie-dyed t-shirts

Here is a bigger photo of my scarf - still not a great shot - it turns out scarves are even harder to photograph than quilts! I was going to give it an action shot on my pink wool coat but it was just too hot. We had the first proper summer storm last night with three hours of thunder and lightning and hail and heavy rain ... cooled the air down nicely after a hot and humid day.
It's been a busy sitting week at work as everyone tries to get things done before the end of the year. I'm not going to comment on the US election. It's too depressing ... but if there's one thing that working at Parliament House has taught me it's how easy it is to get caught up in it all and forget there's a whole big world that really isn't influenced by govrnment at all. So I will hold that thought, and attempt to be zen.

We went to a Woodstock themed party last Saturday night and I got to use my dyeing skills for an actual garment! That my husband then wore!!! It was heaps of fun (both the party and the dyeing) because the brief was just to make it as loud as possible. I can do that! And we were a long way from being the most colourful people in the room ... here is the dog wondering what on earth is going on. I don't think dogs are as colour blind as most people think.

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  1. really cool tie dyed stuff! you guys looked great. zen. yup, i need lots of that. not talking about it anymore either. told hubby not listening to it on tv. ugh.