Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Quick beach weekend

Number two son and I snuck down to the beach for a little getaway on the weekend - my husband had his annual scale modelling club exhibition / competition so we took ourselves away from that madness and enjoyed some sun and sea.

I didn't swim although I probably should have - the weather was beautiful but the water is still a bit cool. Number two son spent a happy couple of hours in the slightly warmer waters of the creek building sandcastles and watching the sand bars get washed away.

I threw my loom on the back seat and happily warped it up down there. It is a very portable craft - at least when using my wee loom. And the bamboo has grown well, although not as rapidly as the neighbour's shed! Very sensibly they built the structure at the back first, so we have a big shed and the frame of the first storey of the house up. Even though it is ugly and very close to our house, at least now we know what we're dealing with, and hopefully the bamboo will do its thing and provide a nice tall green wall to block it out.

We came back Sunday morning to go to the school fete - they decided to have a "twilight fiesta" this year, starting at 3pm and going through to 7 pm. And including a bar, for the first time. Which is all good in theory but it was absolutely freezing and blowing gale force winds. Nobody wanted to sit around with a nice glass of chardy, even for charitable purposes! The trash and treasure, the book stall and the cake stall were all in the school hall and very well patronised. The rides were fine too, but I think the food stalls copped the worst of it. I did my hour on the Mexican food stall selling nachos and corn on the cob to the starving masses ... the food stalls all sold out in the end so I think overall the fete did just fine. Not much you can do about the weather.

On the plus side we got rid of at least eight bags of stuff to the trash and treasure. On the minus side my son bought back one bag of assorted crap, including something that I had donated. Sigh.



  1. Looks like Gabe is growing faster than the bamboo.

  2. what a nice relaxing time - going to the beach and taking your loom!

    i bet that bamboo cannot grow fast enough for your liking. just for the privacy alone.

  3. I love the picture of you and your husband going to the party. And your weaving looks great but I'm still struggling to learn quilting so am NOT going to adopt that too. Go you, though.