Friday, October 28, 2016

Squares, squares, squares

I decided to do a border of pieced squares on the delectable mountains quilt - I thought it needed something on the same scale as the interior, but not more triangles. So squares. Which is all very simple in theory but it took me absolutely FOREVER to do a very basic border of three rows of 1 1/2" squares. And I am not at all confident in my seam matching. It looks good in the end, although probably not so much better than a plain border.

But it is done now, and I'm starting to think about the next project. Something a bit less scrappy, and a bit more modern, and not so many seams. I have preliminary-pulled a few fabrics to see - based on the blue-background poinsettia print that I've had for ages and never used. It doesn't go well with others, so I might make it the focal point and select others to go with it. Still pondering anyway - a full week of work won't allow for many new projects to start.

And this turned up to weaving class last week - a funny little toy loom but it made me laugh because we had one exactly like it when I was growing up! I had forgotten all about it until I saw that one so nicely in its box. I have no idea whether it's the same brand as ours because we had lost the box, half the bits and (crucially) the instructions ... I know my older sister once successfully wove something on it but I never quite understood how it was supposed to work. Didn't stop me trying though! Every few months I'd wind something on and fiddle around with it before ditching it back into the cupboard. Hah.


  1. You cannot imagine how happy it makes me to see a couple of your corners not matching up absolutely perfectly! I struggle with this and have to keep unpicking.... Aaaaaand I'm doing another quilt with squares which will no doubt have the same problem. Mind you, it'll take me till Christmas, unlike your weekend projects.

  2. The toy loom looks familiar - it might be still in the cupboard. Do you want me to go find it for you?

  3. Yep, thats exactly what came to mind earlier in the year when you said you were doing weaving classes, the toy loom we had as kids. Scarves for the barbie dolls were probably all it was capable of although i remember having much grander plans...