Friday, October 21, 2016

Random stuff

After a few weeks of weaving a sample piece, we have moved onto our own projects in the weaving class. I am doing a scarf in galah colours - mostly grey with a bit of pink. I did this to match my new pink coat, which I think is not at all in line with the artistic inspirations of the rest of the Textile Workshop. But you have to start somewhere.

It is very pretty, and even though I'm mostly only doing plain weave, it is making some interesting patterns. I am quite taken with weaving, and I think I will buy a rigid heddle loom as an early Christmas present, and keep having fun with it. The eight-shaft table looms we use at weaving cost about $1100, which is a bit much for a hobby I may lose interest in, but I can get a rigid heddle for a lot less, even if it can't do as much. I figure if I keep weaving for a few years and really get into it I can get more complex equipment. For when I retire. In my studio. Sigh.

In the meantime I can work on my Trump colouring book that my husband got me in Washington DC. In Australia you don't have to worry about anyone thinking you are a Trump supporter, or offending anyone who may be a Trump supporter, because everyone thinks Trump is a rude, stupid and generally unpleasant man. It is one of the very few political issues everyone agrees with. The NSW State Parliament recently passed a resolution - unopposed - calling him a revolting slug unfit for public office.

The colouring book has him at various moments of world history. Some of them are very funny - the one with Gandhi is a particular favourite. This is him signing the Declaration of Independence. Must get the colour pencils out.


  1. I have always liked pink and grey.....elegant!

  2. OMG that is tooooo funny! I don't care if I offend anyone or not, I agree that he is a revolting slug. Scary to think that so many people in our country would actualy vote for him. Very scary. And sad, too. Thank you for sharing what the rest of the world must be thinking of us. Figured it wasn't good.

  3. Chortle. I have no idea what galah or heddle mean, but congratulations on your continuing good health and your splendid orange quilt.