Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Explanations to my readers

So, this is a galah. Beautiful bird - pink and grey - but dumb. Tends to end up as roadkill, which is what the other weavers have named my scarf. Thank you ladies.

(Photo credit - Peter Fullagar)

This is a democracy sausage. A cross between a bake sale and a sausage sizzle; resulting from Australia's combination of fine weather, Saturday elections and compulsory voting. And chronic underfunding of public schooling, if you believe the parent-teacher association.

A heddle is "a looped wire or cord with an eye in the centre through which a warp yarn is passed in a loom before going through the reed to control its movement and divide the threads" - except in a rigid heddle loom it's not wire but a fixed wooden contraption. So you can only do plain weave.

And Dad, this is to konmari something. Marie Kondo is a bit crazy, but quite edifying. Frankly, I think you could adopt some of her principles, just saying. You are supposed to go through all your possessions and ask "does this spark joy?" and if not, you ditch it ...


  1. okay, so i didn't really read up on the konmari, but i have to just say one thing - a roll of toilet paper does not "spark joy" in my life, but i don't think i will be ditching it, at least not the unused portion... hahaha i did not know that voting in australia was compulsory! are you fined if you do not vote? and you get to choose where you want to go vote at? we have designated polling places, depending upon where you live. i cannot go vote at any polling place other than the one i am assigned to. the picture shown of the democracy sausage looked yummy. served on white bread, huh? usually we eat sausages or hot dogs on long buns. and as far as the gallah goes, i really don't have much to say because it's a bird, and i'm afraid of birds. yeah, i'm weird. thought i was the only person in the world with that fear for the longest time, but then realized there were others. go figure.

  2. Ah. Thank you for the translation. Can I offer you some Scottish words? Dreich means wet and drizzly. Bauchles are slippers. Baffies are old shoes. A stoor-sooker is a vacuum cleaner (stoor is dust and to sook is to suck). I have lots more but I must go and cut out squares of fabric. (This is partly your fault.)