Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Triple spin

I have finished the orange quilt with circles and quilted it with orange circles. It's called "Triple Spin" which is what the dog does when she is super excited about something ... usually food. She LOVES food. She also loves my husband, so does the triple spin when he comes home from work. I sometimes get a single spin, but usually she barely acknowledges my existence. That's all right, I don't like her much either.

It turned out way more vibrant than I thought it would. That orange is a real zinger. I don't know why the photo is a bit foggy ... in real life the orange kind of leaps out at you. And the dots make your eyes go crossed. I quilted circles joined together by straight lines because it wasn't sitting entirely flat. Pieced circles can be a bit wavy when I do them, so I didn't want very ornate quilting that would highlight the lumps and bumps. This way the lumps and bumps sit quietly between the circles without having attention drawn to them.

And the dog wanted to play fetch while I was photographing the quilt. So I did - I throw the ball into the mostly jungly part of the garden and it takes her a full five minutes of rustling about trying to find it. Sometimes she meerkats up out of the foliage to see where she is, then sure as eggs is eggs, about two minutes later she's back with the damn ball dropping it at my feet.

And last week the radiation oncologist discharged me. Isn't that great? I still have to see the clinical oncologist who is feeding me the Evil Hormones of Doom for at least another five years, but it is very nice to be off someone's books. And the radiation oncologist is rather lovely and was very pleased for me ... which makes the fact that I sat in the car afterwards and cried for about fifteen minutes a little strange. I should be happy, not bawling. Anyway, I think this milestone deserves a Little Treat, but despite "accidentally" leaving my passport on the sideboard for the last six months, no tickets to Paris have been forthcoming. Not so much as a box of chocolates. I am of course capable of organising my own Little Treat ... but should it be Paris, or chocolates? Or both?

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  1. both. really glad to hear you got a good report. the quilt is nice. very loud. i like it!