Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Big Scraps

I think I said that after all those dainty baby quilts I felt like something big and scrappy - so I made a big SCRAPS.

Using the crumb blocks, various backgrounds, no border, and done. Nice to make a word on a quilt that's not swearing, for a change. It is quilted in a swirl variation of fat swirl, fat swirl and thin swirl. I call it "fat fat thin swirl". It helps as I quilt away to talk to myself  "faaaaaat ... another faaaaaaat wheeee ... now little thin thin thin ... and back to faaaaaat". My internal monologue is fascinating.

I sewed the binding down watching the other footy final on Sunday night - also a great game! I think we might cancel the Foxtel sports package now though (sorry Dad). Summer just isn't as exciting.

Last Friday marked five years since the end of my cancer treatment - isn't that exciting! It's not really a significant marker, but they tend to use five-year survival rates in the statistics, so it's something to work towards. Nobody remembered but me, and to be honest all I did was go to the cupboard in the spare bedroom and throw away this bag.

Head wraps! Scarves, beanies, bandannas and sleep caps for the bald. I put some in the charity bag but mostly in the bin. Hah. And while I was up in the spare cupboard I turned it out and threw away / sent to charity a heap of other stuff as well, which always makes me feel better! I found lots of boys t-shirts that I'm going to make into a quilt one day ... another project.


  1. The Scraps quilt is so cool - I really love it. Might have to borrow this idea for my next scrap project - with due acknowledgment of course - that being said it will probably be months before I finish the current scrap quilt of course. Congratulations on your 5 year milestone.

  2. as i realized the picture on my monitor of your quilt spelled something out, it was with great trepidation that i continued to scroll down... hahaha

  3. Your quilths could be dethcribed ath fathinating.
    Really indescribably glad about the milestone this week particularly when Betty's 5 ran out at three and a bit.