Monday, October 10, 2016

Melbourne again

I spent Thursday and Friday last week back in Melbourne - for work this time and not much chance to have a look around, either the shops or the galleries. I went for a long walk through the CBD and down the river after work on Thursday. It was a beautiful warm evening and everyone was out and about, having a drink or wandering around. Lovely!

I was tired when I got back late on Friday, and the weekend was pretty quiet for all of us. My husband had taken the boys down the beach for the second week of the school holidays and he said neither of the boys got up before 11 any morning. And didn't do much during the day! But after the busy first week of the holidays I think that was just what they all needed. Back to school today ... so hard to get up. For all of us.

I said that I would show a picture of my cardigan drawer that I konmari'd three months ago. And here it is!!! Still neat and tidy. Rolling them up is awesome. Easy to find, don't get crumpled, and I just roll them up to put them back in. I am a very good roller of cardigans now. I would quite like to do my socks as well, but it might be a bit hard, I think my drawer is too deep. I will bend my mighty brain to this domestic problem (instead of using my powers for good) and report back.


  1. my clothes all seem to live in laundry baskets. i desperately need to get them organized and put a way. sigh.

  2. I shall try this. I already roll towels, which works pretty well, so am already converted to the cardigan thing - not that I possess nearly as many as you do. But it would work with other things, eg pyjamas, jumpers. Love your SCRAP quilt. You are a wonder.

  3. What's a konmari? Would it work with all my jerseys and sweatshirts?