Saturday, August 1, 2015

Two out of three is just fine

Back in February, when I was facing another long boring year unfolding before me in much the same way as the previous year, I thought I better do something about it, and get some achievements, or at least have a go at them. So I gave myself three goals - one of them was running, and I am happy to say this morning I ran 10 km!! Actually it was 10.7, because that is round the lake twice, and it took me one hour and seventeen minutes. Which is slow, but I didn't stop, so it completely counts. Yay for me.

The next logical step is to download the 10 to 20 km app and start doing half marathons ... but I'm not going to. I still don't really think I'm a runner - I certainly have never enjoyed it, or experienced any dopamine surges or endorphins or whatever you're supposed to get. And after this morning's effort I have some odd pains in hips and ankles that make me think long distances aren't really a long term prospect. I will keep running for exercise though, now I've got the fitness up I would hate to lose it, but the continuous improvement part may be over.

The second goal I had was to get a new job, and it took six months but I started one on Thursday, which is why I'm back full time. It's a sideways move and still in government, but with a different organisation doing completely different things. I loved my old job and worked with wonderful people, but after ten years I could feel myself getting a bit stale and fed up .... so time to move on. I didn't talk much about it on this blog but if you're interested it was doing this. And I wrote myself a farewell in our regular newsletter too (if there's one thing I learned in ten years, it's that if you wait for other people to write the newsletter it'll never get written!). Leaving was sad, but I think the new job will be good, and different, and I really did need a change.

My third goal was to lose weight, so back in February I started on the 5:2 diet where you eat normally for five days and have a very restricted intake for the other two. I chose it because I thought it would fit best for a family - only two days of separate meals rather than all the time - and that part of it was fine, but the rest sucked. I did it for three months, and got used to being ridiculously hungry, and cranky, and having a poached egg for dinner while everyone else had roast chicken ... but I lost about one kilo, which is nothing! For the amount of pain I just could not see the point, so stopped doing it. My BMI is about 28, so I certainly have the weight to lose, but clearly this is not the diet for me.


  1. Gosh, your old job sounds very important so I can't imagine what your new one is.

    We've been doing the 5.2 for 2 years and the chap has lost a stone and a bit (I don't do kilos but maybe 10?) while l lost about half that, mainly at the beginning. It does allow one to eat happily for the 5 days, so we don't find it too bad, but on the other hand I'm no longer really losing any weight so... um.

  2. Nice run. I'm impressed with the newsletter.

  3. Congrats on the run! I ran for a long while in my late 20s, early 30s. I never got the runner's high either! Eventually I moved on to other forms of cardio that worked just as well but not as hard on this aging body :)

    And you are right - two out of three is great! Congrats on the new job - sometimes it is the best for our psyche to move jobs. I enjoyed reading about your previous position - I get the feeling with your skills, you will be awesome and your new 'people' will be lucky to have you as a part of their team! :)

  4. absolutely 2 out of 3 is excellent and it is only August 2nd. There is a programme on SBS on Demand at the moment called which diet is right for you (or something like that) I found it quite interesting, but have a bad feeling that there is a lot of self control needed whichever one you go for. i have a similar BMI and I am very motivated until it comes to the actual eating part, then I lose the plot!!

  5. Congrats on meeting two of your goals! Good luck with the new job.

  6. Good work on the running! I never liked running - would rather just climb a bush track, which is what I was doing until I buggered my back. Now that's the incentive to continue my physical therapy. Maybe I should have a pinterest board on "bush tracks I'd like to get lost on when I get better". I'm sure it's a thing.