Sunday, August 9, 2015

Enjoying the weekend

A full week of work has made me appreciate the weekend - although two days isn't very long! How will I get done all the things that need doing? This weekend I coped by just ignoring the chores and having fun, which was great, but might not work so well in the longer term. My excuse is that I had a birthday, so deserved some relaxation time. My husband made me a chocolate chip cookie cake - he made lots of choc chip cookies with great hunks of chocolate and nuts in them, then piled them up and glued them together with chocolate icing into a cake shape, and put some candles in it. It was awesome.

Last night number two son and I went to see a local production of Grease - we both loved the movie and know all the songs so it was fabulous to see it on stage. And it was a very good, colourful and lively production that we both enjoyed. I think there could be more musicals in our future - my husband has never really been super interested so it'll be nice if number two son can be my little theatre buddy.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the Canberra Quilt Show and Craft Fair. It's the annual exhibition of Canberra Quilters so it was wonderful to see all the quilts -  I recognise a lot of the names even though I'm not a member any more -  and I recognise the styles too! Some quilters have a unique signature style that you can recognise across the room. As usual there were many extremely intricate and beautiful quilts of all sorts of shapes and styles. And as usual the judging was random - I know that a lot of thought and science goes into judging but I never agree with the results! It's half the fun I suppose, making your own picks on what you think are the best and nicest quilts.  The best in show quilt is really amazing, as is the winner in the art quilt category ... if you're interested the full list with photos is here.

And this morning I had book club at the cafe at the National Library, which was extremely pleasant and very appropriate. I didn't take any photos but I should have because it was a lovely morning and the National Library is down by the lake. Yesterday was the same - Canberra at its cold but sparkling best - when I went for my run. There is that hint of warmth that makes you think that spring is just around the corner...


  1. Happy birthday!! And wasn't the best of show fantastic? Agree with you on the art quilt as well. In fact everything in that art quilt category placing list was spectacular, especially second place. I'm not even an art quilter, but i know what I like ;)

  2. happy birthday and many more! glad you enjoyed the day. going to have to show my hubby that cookie cake and tell him i want one on my bday!

  3. Loving that cake, Olivia has already put her order in for the same one in October. No wonder you didn't get any housework done, you had far too much other good stuff to do. After all these years I've finally found my 'theatre' buddy - my mother-in-law! We are off to "Lord of the Dance" in a couple of weeks and the Glenn Miller Big Band next month.