Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mean Green Evangeline

I finished the scrap-and-solids I was making in greens. It is a simple cross block with a scrap centre and then a checkerboard border. In keeping with the theme of Kinky Renee and Twirly Shirley I called it Mean Green Evangeline. I don't know anyone called Evangeline, so not a pointed naming.

I quilted it all over with one of the repeating patterns I learned in my craftsy class - unusually I think I did it too loose! Normally I like lots of space and not too dense quilting but I think this one could have been tightened up a bit. Maybe I was in a hurry... And the thread held up too without breaking which is such a relief. I still have fingers crossed that my luck will hold.

Late yesterday afternoon number one son and I went up the trig point to see if Canberra was busting out in spring yet. The answer (despite the blossom, and the wattle, and the daffodils) is definitely NO - it was freezing and the wind nearly iced our bones. But it was bracing, and scenic. Look at the length of those shadows - we made it home just as the sun went down. Number one said that you can tell how much time you have until sunset but putting your hand up - every finger width from the sun to the horizon is about fifteen minutes. I never knew this. Aren't children useful?

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  1. Lovely quilt as usual. I love that green. And the rest. Delighted to hear it's still winter there, since that means it's still summer here, which it is. Long may this happy situation prevail.