Saturday, August 15, 2015

Inside addition

I found out where these blocks came from - it's the "inside addition" quilt-a-long earlier this year. I hadn't seen this post - just a picture of a finished quilt - but I made my blocks exactly the same size! Freaky, especially because I only did them that size so I could use 3 1/2" strips from my strip bag. I can't decide whether they should be set on point or flat.

I think on point, but both are nice. The colours look a bit flat and washed out in these photos. They're not in reality, I blame the indoor lighting and oatmeal carpet. Nothing looks bright against oatmeal carpet.


  1. oh, i would bet a red wine stain would look bright on an oatmeal colored carpet... ask me how i know... haha. i really like the quilt top on point the best.

  2. I really like the color scheme you are using! I just finished a quilt with a similar block, mine is the X version of it but I used the plus blocks for the border. . . I couldn't make up my mind about on point or flat :)