Sunday, August 23, 2015

When life gives you lemons...

You make preserved lemons with them! I normally don't preserve stuff - too much like hard work - but we are nearly at the end of a jar of preserved lemons a friend gave us a while back, and I will miss them when they're gone! Just a tiny bit in a salad gives a wonderful salty / lemony kick. So I thought I would try preserving them, given the two big bags of lemons I brought back from the beach last week.

Geez, you can tell I'm not a food blogger. What a carefully staged shot! Anyway, I think I did the sterilising right but you can't really tell until it starts growing some foul mould and kills everyone who eats it. Or not, hopefully. It wasn't too fiddly all things considered and will last for ages, if the ones from our friend are anything to go by (although she is way more competent in culinary matters than I am, so perhaps not a good benchmark).  You have to leave them for at least a month to mature and then I will taste and report back.

I decided to set those coral and grey blocks on point, with pale setting triangles and then another border. I will do another pieced border but I can't quite decide what. I was thinking little churn dashes or shoo flies, but it might be a bit busy and angular. Maybe curves? I will ponder for a while longer.

I had a good week back at work, nice and busy and with a couple of dinners out for my husband's birthday. Number one son had a friend's birthday party on Friday, so we went out as a family on Thursday to the Schnitzel Haus (pretty much like it sounds), but then stopped at a friend's for a coffee (wine) after work on Friday, so ended up going out for dinner again anyway, which meant we could have Thai food, much to the excitement of number two! My eldest child really doesn't like food with any spice or flavour, although he is improving with age. So when he's not in for dinner we go out for Thai and Indian and Malaysian... I don't know how he's going to go backpacking around south-east Asia when he's 19. Banana pancakes? Is that still a backpacker thing?


  1. the quilt looks really nice! and so do the preserves. hope they turn out.

  2. Why didn't you just squeeze the lemons and freeze the juice in your ice block trays? I thought that was the theory but I don't do it as my lemon tree has fruit all the time!