Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Starting something new

So I'm piecing a new quilt before I've quilted the existing tops....what a surprise. I tried the new thread and it quilted up really nicely - I'm binding that quilt now and I'll show a photo when it's done. I have ordered a heap more of the thread (Rasant  - cotton with a poly core - it seems to be very readily available) and I really really really hope it solves the problems for once and for all. I will let you know.

The new quilt is based on something I saw on the internet - god knows where - I tend to draw up designs that I like because it lets me figure out how to make them and do measurements at the same time. So I can show you the drawing but the inspiration is lost in the mists of the world wide web. I might set the blocks on point - the ones I'm making finish at about 7.5" so it's not going to be a big quilt.

This is my colour palette - greyish and coralish. I will put in some more scraps but these will form the basis, I think.

My new job is going well so far. I worked my first Wednesday today since 2009! And it's no hardship to work, my Wednesdays were normally spent running errands and doing chores rather than actually having fun ... but it is possible that domestic tasks will start to unravel a bit after a few weeks. We will see. And my new colleagues are all very nice, which is a relief, although I have SO MUCH to learn.


  1. The fabrics you have chosen are fantastic! Can't wait to see it come together. I just finished a quilt with similar blocks - it came together really quickly! :)

  2. Ooh you've been super busy!

    I can't not love a cross pattern. It's an illness I tell you. I love what you have designed there, and I LOVE the fabrics you have chosen! Coral and greys. Yum.