Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A few more rounds

Rounds on the medallion that is, not rounds at the bar. Which would be awesome, to be in a bar, with friends, having beers! A few people at work are doing dry July, and good for them, but I'm not doing it. I did have a booze-free February and March because I spent all December and January eating and drinking, but that was to stop me being such a bloated booze-hound, and not for charity. Anyway here is the medallion in progress - half square triangles, plain borders, and some pink and yellow and orange tumblers.

I think perhaps another plain border and then stop, I have had enough of big quilts for the moment. I picked my sewing machine up today from its annual service and I asked the lady in the shop what they recommend to prevent thread shredding and she suggested some without hesitation - says it makes a big difference and it's a brand I haven't tried before, so I will give it a go. Fingers crossed!

I have had a lovely Wednesday - a run, some errands and some chores which were all boring - but then some unnecessary clothes shopping in the sales where I found all sorts of pretty things to buy. It is my last Wednesday of leisure because I am going back to full-time - how will I cope? I haven't worked full time since 2007, and I'm not sure it's such a good idea...


  1. i see lemons! you used more of the lemon fabric! cool!

  2. Will it slow your quilt making down, I wonder? I shall watch this space.