Thursday, July 9, 2015

A week of not much

It's the school holidays, once again, and the boys and I have spent the first few days doing not much of anything. They saw the Minions movie while I went grocery shopping, played on the computer while I ran errands (or just ran) and did a bit of baking. Number one son and I put the first coat of paint on the hideous 1970s wood veneer built-ins in the family room ... it's going to take a lot of coats.

Number two son had a sleepover at a friend's house who lives a bit out in the country - I took this shot from their front door of the regular visitor in their garden. He was huge, and completely unperturbed by people coming and going. They also have a tiny little dog that wants to pick a fight with the roo - what is it with tiny little dogs? Do they have no idea of their own actual size?

On the sewing front I am slowly making large circles in the large quilt. I'm drawing round a bread and butter plate with my frixion pen (yes, the erasable one, NOT the non-erasable one, I'm not doing that again) and then quilting the outline. It's very open but still taking forever (and I'm not sticking to the lines either...)


  1. holy cow, a kangaroo in the front yard! would that be like me seeing a deer in my yard? or a rabbit? or squirrel?

  2. It looks as though you made it a quilt.

  3. Does the kangaroo eat the garden? I wouldn't like that. (Though it's probably not going to happen to me, so I won't worry too much). Our granddaughter has been enjoying Winnie the Pooh stories and goes around bouncing and saying, "I'm a kangaroo" (because of Kanga and Roo, we assume). She doesn't look like that, though.