Sunday, July 26, 2015

Just too big

Well, I now know the biggest size that is simply too big to cope with on my sewing machine, or indeed in my house. It's this one - the one made entirely from the scrap bucket - nine x nine twelve inch blocks so 108" square, or about 2.5 metres. Wonderful for the king size bed, but an absolute nightmare to put together, and just about impossible to quilt.

But it is pretty. I couldn't get the camera to focus on it very well - too much going on! The quilting was a bit of a disaster. I thought nice big circles would be easy, but the number of seams and the size of it meant one big struggle. The thread shredded and broke no matter what I did, and I spent more time wrestling the thing around and under my machine that I did actually quilting. So I did nearly half of it in circles then completely gave up, and stitch in the ditched the rest. Unbalanced, strange, don't care, finished it finally.

I called it "If" for two reasons; I found a pieced "if" in the scrap basket and made sure I put it in the middle (can you spot it?), and secondly because (as Chummy says on Call the Midwife) long dogs need short names. And this is one long dog.


  1. Even though the quilting was a nightmare, I really like the look of the quilt. For me, the only option on quilts this big is straight lines - so good on you for getting that many circles done.

  2. I just LOVE this!! I don't think your quilting looks like a disaster at all! Congrats on an absolutely wonderful finish! :)