Sunday, July 5, 2015

Let the monster wake

Even pinning up this massive scrap quilt is proving a problem - it is too big to spread out in the family room! And since we got the new bogan lino in the lounge room, I've been a bit reluctant to pin on it, in case I dent it with safety pins. The tiles are much tougher (although a curse to kneel on. My knees are getting old, even if the rest of me is in denial). So I pinned it up in two sections - did half, then rolled it up, and did the other half. I think it went OK, although there are a couple of little pleats in the back that shouldn't be there. That is a washing basket of lemons in the background that my husband brought back from the beach house. Limoncello again!

This weekend has been a bit of a disappointment - we were all meant to go up to Sydney for a wedding. Unfortunately on Friday number one son came down with the bad cold I had, and we made the call on Friday night that he wouldn't be well enough to go. I don't mind dragging the kids around with snuffles, but he had a fever and really felt quite ill. So my husband and number two son went up - said the wedding was lovely; a beautiful bride, happy groom,  lots of kids, masses of food and one short speech! Perfect.

Then they spent the night with friends of ours in Sydney and went up the headland in the morning to look for whales before driving home. It was a beautiful day and it all sounds lovely, and I was a bit gloomy because I was really looking forward to it, but what can you do. At least I hadn't bought a new frock (I shopped but couldn't find anything just right) but I did get my hair done.

So my weekend was quiet and very cold and foggy with a subdued thirteen year old (sofa,
computer games). I did a 50 minute run this morning, which is my longest ever (and I mean ever in my life ever!) Not many people boating this morning. Fifty minutes is only 6.8 km because I am so slow, but once I warmed up it was quite pleasant to be out of the house. And that shows you how quiet this weekend has been...


  1. bummer you had to miss the trip to sydney. but the promise of limoncella makes up for it! haha. hope your son gets to feeling better soon

  2. Yes, how very tedious. But the quilt looks so bright and cheerful.