Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Not quite at 10km yet

I'm still working my way slowly through the 5 to 10 km app. It's a bit harder than the couch to 5 km - not in what you have to do, which is stepped up in nice gentle increments - but in figuring out the difference in speed. The first app had walking, and running. I can follow that, and I could tell when I was doing one or the other. This app only walks in the warm up and cool down, and the rest is either jog, steady run, tempo run, or fast run. The idea is that you have intervals of the different paces, that gradually extend, and make you run further and faster.

My problem is I'm terrible at keeping up a faster pace. It's not that I run out of puff and want to die (although that might be part of it), but I lose focus and think about something and revert back to my normal slow shuffle before realising, crap, this is meant to be a fast run, and picking it back up again. I don't think a casual observer could tell when I change speed. So while I am doing the runs, I'm not sure if I'm actually achieving what I'm meant to be doing. It doesn't matter, I'm hardly training for the Olympics, but it might take a bit longer to get to the 10 km mark.

And this morning at 10 am when I started it was a tropical 0.5 degrees! With an apparent temperature of -2.8. The fog was so thick you couldn't see 100 metres and it was bitingly freezing. I had long sleeves that go over your thumb and long pants and still couldn't feel my hands until about half way through, it was so cold. Canberra, you're either boiling or freezing, like one endless menopause.

On the quilting front, I've sewn together my green and scrap blocks. I'm not loving it at this point, but I will add a border and see if it makes a difference. And I remember I didn't love the other solids and scraps ones either, until they'd been quilted. They pick up when quilted. This is not a great photo but the cat was under there and not happy - I had to take it quickly.

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  1. i see lemons next to lime fabric! i think those blocks look very nice with the green. it actually seems to tame them down some, at least to my eye.