Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wednesday did not go according to plan

Well, it's a good thing I was productive in the morning, because the afternoon didn't work out so well. I was in the car waiting at the lights and there was a huge noise - and the passenger window behind me completely shattered!!! My first thought was someone had thrown a rock through it ... but there was absolutely no-one around, and when I pulled over and looked there was no rock. Then I got all dramatic and thought it must be a bullet - but it was a great big gaping hole, and no bullet to be found. And gunshots are not very common on the quiet streets of Canberra.

I googled "spontaneous car window explosion" and what do you know, it's a thing. Something to do with tempered glass and weaknesses you can't see. Anyway it scared the crap out of me, and I slowly drove home, shedding bits of glass on every corner, before knocking the rest of it out and doing some major clean up. Including of my hair! I'm just so glad the boys weren't in the back as they would have been showered with tiny bits of glass.

At least a window is easy enough to fix - although it's going to cost $580 dollars and guess what! The excess on our car insurance is $600 ... I think it's all a conspiracy. And we might look into getting glass cover too. My husband took it into the glass place yesterday morning as organised, and they'd ordered the wrong one. Left, not right. And they didn't have another one, so we have to wait until Tuesday to get it fixed. At least they put plastic in the window... so we can drive in slightly more comfort, although looking even more disreputable than normal.

On the happy side, it is footy finals time, and I do like a good game of footy; either rugby league or aussie rules, I'm not fussed. So the weekends are packed with sitting on the sofa. Last night I thought I would combine all my favourite things ... footy final, glass of bubbly and same hand stitching. Didn't work out so well though ... giant furry cat would not stay off me. I had to give up in the end, she is such a weight that I about gave myself a rupture trying to push her off.

Actually our cat is getting increasingly demanding as she gets older - she wants to be around us and she wants feeding and she wants HER spot on the sofa and she's not taking no for an answer. This is number one son trying to do some homework, as cat butt gets waved backwards and forwards under his face.

But I LOVE you and I want to KISS you and rub my little scent glands up against your CHEEKS mwha mwha mwha smooch smooch smooch.

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  1. Oh dear! Poor you! I hope the nerves have returned to normal.

    Nice cat. Nice son.