Monday, September 30, 2013

Saturday's walk

Saturday was the first day of the holidays, and the boys were feeling a bit tired after a full term of school ... and I was feeling a bit tired after a full bottle of bubbly .... so we had a short urban walk. It was a beautiful day except for very strong spring wind; so along the streets and between the buildings was a better bet than the hilltops.

We started off at Old Parliament House and walked up Federation Mall to current Parliament House. A nice big green lawn with a building at the end.

Hold on to your hats boys, for god's sake, said my husband as we walked over the overpass. Can't hear you! What? Hold on to what? they said as their hats flew off the bridge. They were retrieved without incident.

I let number one son take the photos for the rest of the walk and he is a bit more arty with his shots than I am! Or maybe he's just at a (slightly) lower angle than me. We walked around the outside of the Parliament House building and through the surrounding gardens.

This is the boys' view of most of the walks we have. Our rear ends disappearing into the distance (with the occasional shouted "hurry UP" over the shoulder).

The Senate gardens are native bush with the occasional soccer field and tennis court thrown in, but there are beautiful formal gardens on the Reps side that were at their peak spring gorgeousness. These are just blossoms and azaleas but the pinkness was amazing! So pink and so fluffy. And so pink. Did I say pink?

And some more artiness - through a sculpture of some sort. There were lots of sculptures and memorials and things. We read most of the plaques but I can't remember what this was all about.

And there were about fifty photos like this. Mmmmm.


  1. How lovely (well, apart perhaps for the last picture). I doubt if I will ever get to Australia or New Zealand so it's nice to see pictures of places where people live.

  2. you know that in twenty years, it is the last photo that will matter the most. :-) Lovely.