Wednesday, September 25, 2013

And another little one...

I decided to turn this medallion mania to good use and made a baby quilt - yes, there are still babies in the offing, apparently I still have friends who are that young. And by the time they finish then the next generation will be having babies and I'll have even more to make!! Yay!!! It does worry me to think that there are babies out there without quilts. Simply not right.

It's for a girl, but I don't think this is too girly ... just a hint of pink. Only a top at this stage but I will quilt it with something random before too long.

Today is my last Wednesday off before the school holidays when I have to SHARE my free time with the tiny horrors. I'm doing errands and chores which sounds hideous but actually going to the bank and the photo shop and the post office on my own is really quite fun. I've already been to the gym and am on the third load of washing  ... so productive! So different from my usual feet up on the sofa with a book and some craisins.  Do you know that craisins have about the same calories as potato chips? I'm going back to chips.


  1. That's not right. The craisins, I mean.

    I like the quilt. You are a veritable quilt making machine. AND you go to the gym. I went to Zumba this week (as I usually do, groan, sigh) and the class was CANCELLED! Oh, how upset I was. Ahem.

  2. cute top! can't wait to see how you quilt it.

    craisins or chips... tough call. if they were chocolate covered raisins vs. chips, that would be a no brainer. choc covered raisins would win.