Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I took advantage of the fake warm last week to do some dyeing - Canberra always has this week towards the end of winter where it is beautiful and spring-like and fools everyone into taking the wool duvet off the bed and putting the coats away … but it's fake and never lasts. We are back to cold and rainy this week, but in a window of opportunity I made some yellows.

Must have been warm enough because they took nicely. I have given up dyeing in winter - too many failures. And over the years I've tried everything; putting them in the hotwater cupboard, and next to the heater, and in the sun so that the fabric would get to the right temperature to batch, but it was too unpredictable. So dyeing is only when the temperature is consistently above 20 degrees, which is about eight months of the year, so it's not a real hardship. On these ones I also used some green dye that I found in the fridge from February and it looks like it had lost much of its potency … but that's OK I can handle six metres of yellow all much the same! I do like yellow.

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