Sunday, September 8, 2013

Election Day!

Yesterday was the federal election in Australia - I loathe election campaigns but I do like election day itself. There is a sense of shared purpose, and a hope that all the bollocks of the campaign is finally behind us and we can get back to some reality. As far as government is ever linked to reality that is. Voting is compulsory in Australia - you get a fine if you don't do it - which means that basically every primary school is a voting place because if you are going to make people do something, then you better not keep them waiting too long.

And what primary school is going to let a captive audience go buy without trying to fund raise off them? No primary school ever, so here are two dozen chocolate chip cookies for the Year 5/6 bake sale.

So yesterday morning number one son and I walked down to the school - it was an absolutely beautiful spring day - and he ran the bake stall with his classmates while I voted! That's the nice thing about Year 5/6, they can handle their own money. You wouldn't try this with the kinders. This is a slightly strange photo because I've chopped out all the other kids .... seems a bit excessive but probably better to be safe than have some irate mother run me down outside the school on the next pick-up.

And in the afternoon I had book club, which was very enjoyable with some lovely ladies, and then we had a dozen people over to watch the election results unfold! My friends have a broad range of political views, but in Canberra the political differences tend to take second place to the personalities.  We've all had dealings with politicians of all stripes that have left us either delighted or scarred .... so there were whoops and hollers when certain people lost their seats, regardless of which side you voted for :) We will see what the change of government brings; it is likely that some of us will lose our jobs but hopefully not me...

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  1. sure hope you don't lose your job! i know what you mean, though, because it's up to the politicians to keep the grant money flowing into the program i work for. if a bunch get in there that think my program is a waste of money, then i'm out the door. but i don't worry over it excessively. if it happens, it happens. just pray it doesn't!