Wednesday, September 4, 2013


The good news is my sewing machine has decided to be happy again!!! Moody bugger, I've named it after a previous boss who had psycho mood swings and whose name I won't share on this blog because, you know, don't want to get sacked. After another completely unsuccessful couple of hours on Monday I went on-line and made a long long list of fixes (it turns out this is a very common problem with this machine) and tried them all, even the ones I had already tried .... and finally something worked. It won't be the same thing that will work next time, but I still have the list!!!

The bad news is I made this little top, which I thought I would like, but which I do not like at all. Too bland. I am trying to think of ways to spice it up a bit with borders but everything I auditioned looked off, so this is going on the shelf of shame for a while. There must be something that can turn it from boring to interesting, but I have no idea what it could be right now.

After disrespecting my husband for going into work on the weekend I am now heading in on my day off - we both provide secretariats to committees (very, VERY different committees, in fact he would probably deny any comparison between our work) and when those committees decide to meet, then you're in there with them...


  1. you know what i think that top needs? some big applique circles on it. in purple. hee hee hee.

    seriously, though, think of that top as the background for something and do some machine applique on it. maybe a halloween theme with witches hats or black cats.

    good luck with it!

  2. Can you get sacked by a previous boss? Retrospectively? Seems tough.

    You know, I've never felt the need to coin a term for kangaroo testicles.

  3. But the Scots have wonderful words for everything!!! If there was a local term for kangaroo testicles, I am sure it would be both pithy and lyrical :)

  4. mm yeah. how about bright electric blue? turquoise? aqua?