Saturday, September 21, 2013

A diversion

Well, you know how I said that you couldn't pick up the Liberated Medallions book without wanting to make something from it? It's true. After I finished Snowy River I had a look back in the book … just to see … not going to make anything … and I got trapped. Quilt-trapped! It's not the first time. And it was browns this time - I made a colours-of-the-woodland medallion.

Excuse the terrible photo - it's taken on my bed, the clothesline was full and far too sunny for photos outside anyway. Yes, sunshine! After a week of rain and cold it was finally back to a pleasant spring. I went for a nice long walk this morning, and the grass was green, the skies were blue, the birds were singing (although Australian birds don't really sing, they tend to screech). It was all very pretty.

And there was a lot of water in the dirty ditch - it doesn't look very spectacular but it's good to see and even better to listen to because it's full of frogs! We do get some very cute frogs but they are a bit of a fragile population with recent long droughts. So I stopped for a while in the sunshine and listened to the croaking and ribbiting.

My laptop is still in the shop so I'm having to share the main computer with the boys and it's a bit of a pain to sit and read blogs … so I feel very cut off from the world. Even though I did a massive cull a few weeks back and deleted half my list leaving just the ones I really enjoy (what a sensible decision! my god the internet can suck up your time) I still feel as though I am missing out when I can't read them … silly really.


  1. Your medallion is amazing. So neat. Goodness. And the second photo, with the red earth, looks so foreign to me. You don't get earth that colour here.

  2. oh, i love to hear the frogs around our house. mostly we hear them in the early spring.