Saturday, June 1, 2013


Number one son has decided he doesn't want to play footy this season. I tried to talk him into it but he was unusually adamant for an easy going kiddie. I loved team sports and played for decades, but my husband never did, and he turned out all right, mostly. So we said he didn't have to play but there would be some replacement physical activity. He's done a couple of mornings of archery (surprisingly hard :)) and every other time it's a bushwalk.

I went with them last Saturday because it was a glorious day and the sewing room was too messy to contemplate.

The countryside around Canberra is not obviously beautiful but it does grow on you. Old worn-down hills, land that goes on and on and grubby scrappy plants.

Today was a day of solid settled rain - we get about three or four rainy days a year, and I do like them. I had a LOT of rain growing up in New Zealand. But still the walk happened - we have raincoats - but only second son because the older one had a fairly spectacular vomiting and gastro night last night. Seems to have recovered fully now but it was gory there for a while.

Of course you need snacks, even for a quick one hour walk round the golf course at the back of our street.

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  1. Euwwww...I remember my older brother having spectacular vomiting attacks when we were kids. Must be a boy thing because I've never known girls to be quite so messy.