Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fog and gloom and sad old bathrooms

It's just past one here and the fog has finally decided to think about lifting - a pathetic little sun ray is breaking through. It'll be clear for about half an hour before it starts to get dark again ... at least we don't have anyone trying to catch a plane today because Canberra airport just closes down in the fog. My team grows and shrinks depending on what we're doing and we currently have an all-time record high of five different people working in five different tropical countries ... and they all like to email me and say how warm it is. Well, thank you.

This is the view up the street. Not much to see except the fog.

And while we're keeping it crappy, would you like to see the before shots of the bathroom? It's the en-suite off the main bedroom and it's a bit horrifying. The floor tiles are original 1975.

So are the crappy plastic fittings and "marbled" formica bench.

Before we bought the house they whacked a coat of paint onto the wall tiles; I knew it was a cheap reno job at the time but wasn't too bothered ... then I had the first shower. And the paint flaked off. But not all of it, just enough to make the shower look scabby and leprous. Isn't that disgusting? And it made the drains block up for the first year we were here.

So I am very glad to have seen all of that ripped out and thrown in the skip - including all the walls because of the asbestos. And we have new walls, and a new floor, and the tiling boys are here today and it looks fabulous! The tilers seem to be about twelve years old and they like to play doof-doof music in my bedroom and put grouting tools on the bed and leave the front door open ... but I forgive them because they are making me a nice shiny new bathroom.


  1. Yes, I loved C Moran's book also.

    Edinburgh is indeed a big village with architecture. Scotland Street is a real street.

    Why do you have a Greek temple in your street (apparently)?

    I think the scenery round Canberra is beautiful though your grass doesn't look very green. Scotland rains more than Canberra, I conclude.

  2. You know, I never saw it as a greek temple, but now you mention it ... and it is actually owned by a greek family. Not a coincidence, I'm sure.

  3. Of course, your house may look like a temple also, for all I know. Though with a better bathroom.

  4. Beautiful! It reminds me of a bathroom design aberdeen that I've seen in one of the showrooms. I'd actually love having a bathroom like this one, so classy!