Monday, June 10, 2013

Another side project

Here is another quilt to go with the ripple one - I thought that "liberated" freehand circles would be more interesting than proper circles. Circles that are round. I think I was wrong - I don't particularly like this one! Those arcs are all a little bit anarchic for me. But it is a sofa quilt for a six year old boy so I am not going to agonise over the design decisions.

I had fun with the feathers in the border. Or I did after I finally got my machine serviced - it was not stopping when I lifted my foot off the foot pedal, which wasn't good. So I took it in on Wednesday and got it back on Saturday which was quicker than usual. But a bit shaming - the woman behind the counter had a ziploc bag full of thread and dust which she held out to me with extended arm "this ALL came from YOUR MACHINE" ... why on earth did she keep it? Crazy bat. Anyway she said that perhaps I could get it serviced a little more frequently, and she did have a point. It is certainly running much more smoothly now.

It's a long weekend here, and after a few too many champagnes at a friends house last night (no, the birthday boy's head wasn't exploding, poorly placed sparkler) I made my way through the fog and the frost to the gym this morning but it was closed, despite what they said on the website. I think you should get fitness credits for putting your gear on and going to the gym; that's the most painful bit. But other than that I have spent most of the long weekend sewing and it's been wonderful...


  1. i think six year old boys by definition are a "bit anarchic" so the circle quilt will be perfect!

    just so you know, i looked at your feathers in the border and decided that i was going to step OUT of my comfort zone of squiggly loops and do feathers. yes, i am going to do it. on my next quilt. remind me of that, will you? haha.

    and if you want my opinion, for all that it's worth, i think you should get credit for just thinking about going to the gym. if that were the case, i would be very fit and trim! like right now - i'm thinking the gym is open (it's 5:40 a.m. here and i had to be online at this ungodly hour to print boarding passes for our trip tomorrow) but instead of going, i'm crawling back into bed...

  2. I've suggested to my gym a couple of times that they actually show current class timetables and opening hours on their website but it seems to be beyond them :-(

    Personally I love your 'eccentric concentrics' and I'm sure the 6-year-old boy will too.