Monday, June 3, 2013

Traycloths ... dressing table sets ... doilies ...

I think I've mentioned before my fondness for hand-embroidered thingies. Items that are as outmoded and useless as a floppy disk... unwanted and un-needed and un-loved.  Overtaken by events.

I have a slightly unfortunate reaction to these little linen delights; I want to rescue them. Take them home, wash them, iron them, fold them and put them nicely on a clean shelf (yes, I have one, although not more than one). I don't want to do anything more with them - I can't see a quilt made from doilies in my immediate future unless I go completely INSANE but I just like the idea that they are in my cupboard and not sitting sadly in an op shop or (horrors!) landfill.

So I have some things from family.

And some that I've bought.

And some from other people's family - I'm getting a reputation for a happy recipient ("No Aunty I'm not throwing them out, I have a friend who loves these and she will look after them!!).

Maybe sometime in the future I'll have to have a little chat with myself about what exactly I think I'm doing and where on earth I will expect to store all these things and do you want to end up on Extreme Hoarders with mummified cat skeletons ... but not yet.


  1. i know what you mean about not wanting to see things end up in the landfill! when i see things at thrift shops that are handmade, i think of all the hard work and love that went into making them. then i have to rescue them. at least i try to rescue the quilty stuff. if they ever judged me by just my sewing room they would put me on that hoarders show! luckily it's somewhat confined to the sewing area. somewhat confined.

  2. Hi Lynley, I found you on Isabelle's blog where you left a comment about the cold weather in Canberra (and I posted a comment waving at you and saying it was slightly warmer in Melbourne)...I decided to come over and visit, and I am so glad I did. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and have put it on my Bookmarks list for future visits. I have commented at this spot because I also collect old embroidered linens...thousands of them. A roomful in fact. If you click on my name here it should take you there (if you have the time to spare!)