Saturday, June 29, 2013

New bathroom

The new bathroom is finally done - and seeing I appalled you all with the "before" photos the least I can do is show you that I no longer live in mouldy and flaking squalor. It is really hard to take decent photos of a small white tiled bathroom! Boring, even if shiny and clean. Here is a focus-failure-photo of the feature tile and new matching towels ... actually they're not that matching, but I was determined to buy them at Harris Scarfe's 60% off sale and I just went for the best I could. They're new anyway.

And a shiny tap, on a nice new basin, all one piece and easy to clean.

LED lights that look like little robots. They are very bright - and with the white tiles it can get a bit scary in there. I am not used to bright lighting and lots of mirrors when I get out of the shower. I think I might prefer my old dim lights with frosted shades.

So there you go, a budget bathroom renovation without much personality or design flair. And it still cost us fifteen thousand dollars, even with buying everything at the Renovators Discount Depot. We didn't do any of the work ourselves (we don't have the skills), but I watch renovation or home buying shows on UK and US tv where they talk about the costs of re-doing a kitchen or a bathroom or knocking a wall down and it all seems to be much much cheaper. Or should I perhaps not use pay tv as an accurate reflection of real life? Lordy knows I've been caught before ... but anyway "that's enough of grubby money" as my mother used to say. If you want to see a proper quilter's bathroom then I recommend this...


  1. Looks splendid! We are up for a new bathroom and loo soon - the asbestos needs to be removed and so it's going to cost us $$$$$$ on top of all the usual costs.

  2. Ooooh, asbestos ... we had LOTS of it, in fact every wall in our house is asbestos, including the ceilings! it does make it a bit more awkward.

  3. Looks like we have the same handbasin now - we had to replace our peach formica 70s basin (which also had matching loo fittings!) Your tiles remind me of this sea glass quilt -

  4. i would love to get my bathroom redone, but there are so many things ahead of it on "the list"! it looks like your redo turned out very nice.