Saturday, July 6, 2013

No sewing at all

I'm back in Jakarta this week - so not much sewing or anything really except eating (so much food! so much delicious food!) and working. I've got some bosses with me so I'm not even skiving off to the mall after work as usual, but staying in the hotel and being pleasant ...  despite the complete niceness of the people I work for, it's a strain to go against my fundamental nature :)  I did manage to sneak out yesterday though, and treated myself to a lovely silk batik scarf, which is very Indonesian and very beautiful.

I'm not part of our prime minister's visit yesterday and the day before but we are staying in the same hotel; so it made for a very fascinating twenty-four hours with just squadrons of police and worried-looking Australian public servants. I would much rather be an on-looker than a participant in that particular carnival.

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