Monday, July 29, 2013

Not feeling very creative

Thank you for your nice comments on my last post - and on facebook - I am not nearly as cross now, just a bit sad. It's hard to get excited about new projects; the voice in my head that tells me that-will-look-like-shit-and-you-don't-have-the-skills-don't-waste-the-good-fabric has a distinctly smug tone at the moment. But a loss of mojo isn't always such a bad thing, I am finishing up a few projects and may even possibly vacuum the sewing room. Maybe.

So I quilted and bound my cathedral stars - now named "Salted Caramel" because that orange colour of the stars is exactly the same colour as those macarons the boys and I made. Not a colour normally found in nature.

In the end I did the most boring quilting imaginable - and not much of it! Straight lines. This is going to be a bed quilt so really I just wanted something that would hold it all together, and there wasn't much point in anything fancy on such a busy pattern. The back looks a bit droopy in this photo... cute little monkeys again.

I dropped my (non-banned) quilt off on Saturday - it's an OK quilt but more of a technical exercise than anything I'm passionate about. I forgot to get a picture but I'll blog it after the event. I had completely forgotten what I called it in the entry but I'd written down a few suggestions in my graph book so went back and tried to remember which one I'd used for the label! And got it wrong, but I can't imagine it would matter ... although who knows with this mob.


  1. isn't it funny how someone elses comments can do that to us? before i got the longarm, i had dreamed of owning one for probably 5 years or more. i mentioned it to someone one time and she said, in a very snobby tone "you! you want a longarm?!" and then turned her mouth down and snorted and walked off. it really knocked me back. like, all i could think was that if she thought i wasn't 'worthy' or 'good enough' to have one, i guess that dream was just dust. well, i got my machine and i'm 'good enough' to have it, and 'worthy'. i had always guarded that dream because it was so precious to me, and when i let my guard down and mentioned it, it really cut me down when she said that.

    NOT that you need another saying, but i try and remember what someone said - it was something like 'no one but you has the power to control how you feel'. and it's true.

    salted caramel is a beautiful quilt! you are right, it didn't need any fancy quilting. i love the way the colors play nicely together. you did a great job on it, piecing and quilting.

  2. From sour lemons to delicious salted caramel. It is great - reminds me of something you would see in a book of historical american quilts.

  3. You are a wonder. You pick yourself up by just finishing off a highly complicated quilt. You go, girl!

  4. Hello! New reader, found you from the kerfluffle. Sad. Love your work. As I say quite often lately, Screw'em. Anyhoo, I LOVELOVELOVE Salted Caramel! Is this from a pattern or is it your own design? Would love to make one someday, but don't want to step on any toes. Thanks!

  5. S Ray - it is a pattern called "Cathedral Stars" at Bonnie Hunter's great website and blog Bonnie has heaps of wonderful free patterns and I've made quite a few - I love scrappy quilts! You should do it!