Monday, July 22, 2013

Last few days of the holidays

And those days did NOT get any warmer! I don't think we've reached ten degrees in the last five days; and rainy and cold and hail with it. Snow down to low altitudes - so our hills look pretty - but no snow fell here, much to the boys' disappointment. There has been a lot of computer time for the children interspersed with some frosty outdoor time. We went back to the arboretum on a quieter day. This is the "wide brown land" sculpture  - some Australian poem - small boy included on the "w" for scale. The "i" had been yarn-bombed. It looked terrible.

And here is a selfie trapped in the wide brown land. With rust (on the sculpture, not on me. Yet).

This is the new playground. It's very cool and those rope tunnels are extremely high! They are meant to be acorns, or possibly gum nuts, but to me they just look like the War of the Worlds aliens.

We also did some indoor things - cooking salted caramel macarons. Not from scratch, from a mix, which made them much easier. They were surprisingly delicious; surprising because the mix smelt awful - that artificial fake sweet smell - but the actual biscuits were beautiful. But so so very sweet, even the boys couldn't eat more than one. See number one son in a tshirt? It was about sixteen degrees inside the house. I refuse to turn the heating up until they put socks on, and possibly a jumper.

Which leads me to the next photo - it was so cold on the walk on Sunday that we actually got them to wear beanies! Only happens about once a year. We went up to the trig point to look south and west to the hills and see the pretty snow. Back to school today and I think they were quite happy about it.


  1. okay i can usually translate what things are, but what do you mean by a 'jumper'? in my vocabulary that is a piece of clothing for a girl that has a skirt and a bib overall top! i don't think your sons would look very fetching it one! haha.

    if i could, i would send you some of our heat. today it isn't too bad, low 90's (F) but the humidity is what kills us. hoping to get a break from the heat after tomorrow.

  2. The arboretum looks like so much fun - if the illness cloud that's been hanging over our house lately ever lifts I'm totally taking the lad to check it out.