Sunday, July 14, 2013


It has taken me a few days to adjust back to Canberra time - normally I'm in Jakarta for less than a week  and I never really change my internal clock. It's only three hours behind; but it means my body has been saying it's 4 am when my alarm goes off for work! Not a pleasant way to start the day. Canberra has put on its thickest foggy mornings too, which doesn't help.

I got back on Wednesday which meant I could go to the Modern Quilters group on Thursday;  good fun and the time difference meant I could stay to the end and not have to bail to be home by bedtime (9.30... I know, it's pathetic). I finished the binding on my little musk sticks quilt - which was inspired by the stick blocks that we were doing last time.

It's very pink! The machine quilting lines are meant to reflect the stick lines.

And the backing fabric is pink too. Pink and pinker.

I sat down in my sewing room yesterday for the first time and just stared vacantly around - I had absolutely no idea what I was working on when I left. Nothing! There were bits of fabric, clearly cut and meant for something, and I had no memory of what they were for. It was a bit scary ... two weeks must be the limit of my memory. Next time I will write things down. Anyway I gave up in the end and put the bits together into something that was probably completely different to my original idea, but it's worked out fine! When I finish it off I will post photos.

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