Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Running them round

It's a wet and rainy school holiday week here ... so I'm taking every opportunity to run the little blossoms around. They need a LOT of running; it's like having huskies, except I can't hitch them to anything heavier than a grocery trolley. Insufficient running is not a good idea - they start arguing, then wrestling, then punching. Untidy.

In a sunny patch I took them to the new arboretum - there were a million people there (I'm not sure why, because it's very new and none of the trees are grown). The boys saw this terraced arrangement and just took off for the distant horizon. The scale is quite deceptive but there are two boys in the landscape if you look closely.

We also did a two and half hour walk through a pine plantation just a few minutes drive from our house - I'd been past it a million times but never actually done the walk. The pines were pleasant and a very different landscape from the usual paddocks and gums. It would have been quite peaceful and serene for other people ... who weren't listening to the hundredth rendition of "Misty Mountain Road" from the Hobbit sung badly by two boys as the fog came down and the rain started. They also regularly jumped off the road and hid under branches from the Ringwraiths.

A fair bit of the walk was along the top of the ridge line - no trees and a bit scrappy. And definitely up in the fog and the clouds. But worth it - not a peep out of them for the rest of the day :)


  1. ah yes, i remember those days... wear them out during the day so you can have a peaceful night! your boys are getting bigger - seems like they sprout up a couple inches each time you show pics of them.

  2. I thought that too - they seem to have grown. They're very lovely boys - and so like each other (or at least, they look so in small photos).