Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rainy Wednesday

Another long and pointless day here today - with extra rain thrown in. I technically don't work on Wednesdays, but there is usually a couple of hours to do - little problems or micro-crises or just trying to make things run smoothly. Overall I think they pay me enough for the amount of effort I put in, so it doesn't bother me, it just means I don't get much else done.

I did go to the gym though, which was actually the most fun I had all day! How sad is that. This is why I go at 9 am ....

Hmmmm, which machine shall I choose! It's like having your own personal gym... I make the staff turn the music right down so I can hear my own ipod. Can't stand that loud modern stuff :)

And I've been back at the crumb block, it is addictive. And easy when you can't think of quite what to sew. I just love the way that a big messy box of nothing turns into cute little blocks.


  1. I'm VERY impressed by the gym thing.

  2. i convinced myself that all the walking we did on our vacation was as good as going to the gym, however next week when i'm back at work i have to get back into my gym routine! i love it when it's empty like that.