Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pinky pink pink

I went to Modern Quilters Group on Thursday night which was lots of fun like usual - the only trouble I have is falling asleep at about 9 pm ... by the end of the week I am fading. Not like a flower, like an old dishrag left in the rain. This time Michelle demonstrated improvised stick blocks - that's not the real name - where there are irregular inset strips in a block; different widths and crossing each other. Fun, and can be a cool effect. Anyway, the phrase "pick-up sticks" quilt was used which made me think of Musk Sticks! Back at the lollies again. I didn't have my machine with me on Thursday but yesterday and today I've been putting together pink improvised stick block things.

So pink, so very very pink, barbie world pink. But I like them, and will probably make them up into a mini quilt. I did have a lot of pink hand-dyed fabric and I can't imagine any other use for it.

And I narrow-folded my normal quilting fabric as well, and jammed it in my three pigeonholes. I limit myself to three, and if they're full it's time to stop shopping and start quilting.


  1. Yes! Mush sticks! I lOve what you've done there. Bring it along next time for show and tell please!

    I also like your philosophy on pigeonholes. May have to adopt that ... Or else make quilts faster.

  2. such discipline to limit yourself to three cubby's of fabric! you are stronger than me, woman! haha

  3. What is a mush stick?

    I advocate retiring. It makes one much less tired by Friday night.