Monday, May 27, 2013

Folding folding folding

I took advantage of a quiet hour on the weekend to fold my solid fabrics. They were all over the place from a few months of rummaging. Is "all over the place like a mad woman's shit" an Australian expression? Or in broader use? Very descriptive, if a bit misogynistic.

And because my life is nothing if not constant adventure, I took the opportunity to try a new, narrower fold. I'm not sure how practical it will be in the long term but don't they look pretty now?

There are clearly a few colours I'm better at than others. I made a lot of very ugly browns I've never used, and there might be slightly more pink than I'll ever need. I do need more yellows though, and dark blues. I can't really dye well in winter in Canberra so I'll save it up for a big fiesta when the warm weather comes back!


  1. SO envious of a. your neat fabric collection and b. your neat fabric collection, in both senses of the word!

    I store mine in ziplock bags in tubs and as much as I love the system sometimes I do dream of being able to see what I have all in one go without having to rely on memory (it's going) and pulling it all out on the floor (although our son does enjoy this game!).

    Do you hand dye all your fabrics? I've always been keen to try this, but never learned. Maybe I'll try and talk Michelle in to getting you to teach it at one of the modern group meetings! ;) :)

  2. what a beautiful fabric stash! fabric dying is on my list of things i want to try. eventually.