Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Top done!

Here is the finished top - Cathedral Star pattern. I'm really pleased with it now, after not being at all sure about the colour choices while I was making it. And I had to use different fabric in the setting triangles and borders because I never have enough, which introduced another set of tones ... but now it is done I'm delighted. And it's huge! Big enough for the king-size bed.

Here's a close up. I haven't decided how to quilt it - a problem when I really like the tops, I don't want to stuff it up with the quilting! There are far too many seams to bother with hand quilting, which wouldn't show anyway it's so busy. So I might just reflect those up and down lines with some straight line quilting, although all over curves might be OK too.

It's winter here in Canberra now - frosty nights and cold days - but here's a photo from Sunday when we were still in Sydney. A bit brisk and windy for me, but you can't stop the boys swimming no matter what the temperature.