Monday, May 13, 2013

Bits and pieces

Canberra really turned on the glorious weather on the weekend - warm and still and clear. I went for a walk on Saturday while my husband took the boys into town to buy me a mother's day present (chocolate!!! lots and lots of chocolate!!!! perfect) and the sky was seriously this deep and perfect blue.

I did the long walk over the hill to wander around the houses I can't afford. Strangely, I find this quite soothing, despite the fact I'm unlikely to ever be asked in as a guest, let alone own any of them. I think I just like the trees and lawns and serenity of it all.

And I think I have finally worn ALL my shoes!!! I'm not counting the ones like boots that I wear both to work sometimes and on weekends because I know I'll keep those. This exercise was just for those daft shoes that I don't need. The last two pairs were exceptionally silly. Red satin stilettos anyone?

And how about some vertiginous suede shoes (or are they bootlets?) What was I thinking.

This exercise has been good - a few pairs have gone to the salvos, and I've rediscovered some old faves. I would certainly have bought some new shoes for the wedding if I hadn't found those red velvet ones, so there you go, $100 saved right there...


  1. Love those velvet ones. Superb!

  2. i think with that $100 you saved on shoes you should place another order from hancocks of paducah! haha. when i was there (yes, i'm still teasing you that i was there!) they had batiks clearancing out for less than $7 a yard, which is pretty cheap. i know you have to add the fact of international shipping, though.

    the one's that i bought are still in the bag and are sitting in my sewing room. i plan to put together a simple quilt from them made of 10" squares like the orange one i made a month or so ago. i bought enough of them to make two quilts in different color schemes.

    hope you enjoyed your mother's day and chocolate. my crew took me out to dinner, which was very nice.

  3. Well, that's $100 towards that house, then.