Saturday, May 11, 2013

Resting Heart Rate done!

I called my scrappy trip around the world "Resting Heart Rate". Mainly because I quilted it in up and down spikes and that made me think of those machines that go "beep" in hospital. Can you tell I'm not a medical professional? I've mostly seen those machines in ER or Casualty (anyone else remember Casualty? The grimmest television show ever to come out of the UK, and that's saying something) when the machines flat-line and someone has to have the paddles. Maybe I should have called it "Clear!" although that might have been a bit obscure.

I sewed down the binding at Modern Quilters on Thursday night, which was a fun meeting ... the most entertainment I've had at a Canberra Quilters meeting - the daytime meetings have a slightly senior vibe,  but the Modern Quilters not so much. I hadn't realised just how much my quilting is influenced by what's happening on the internet until no-one at the daytime meeting knew what I was talking about. I am ALL in favour of a mindless internet trend, so Thursday was a real treat to meet some others swimming in the same strange but satisfying pond.

Friday night number one son had a couple of friends over for a birthday sleepover. With cake. He's 11, hence the musk sticks. My husband didn't know what it was meant to be, but I thought it was a stroke of genius.

They slept in the lounge room, on mattresses, in front of the TV. A scary look into the teenage future.


  1. Since we live in a 70s house with a 16 year old, I have come to the conclusion that the 'rumpus' room is the best room ever invented! Keeps them downstairs and everyone happy. I haven't drunk the 'scrappy trip' kool-aid yet, but always tempted.

  2. It was so lovely to meet you on Thursday!
    Your scrappy trip quilt looks fabulous!
    I have a FQ bundle set aside to make one of my own

  3. Your quilt is lovely! I don't know what musk sticks are but I can see that the cake says 11.

    You're so lucky having kids that age. I want mine back...

  4. It was so good to FINALLY meet you Thursday! And on Saturday too! I love your scrappy trip.

    (And I love musk sticks but boy my muscles ache after eating them!)

  5. i give up - what is a musk stick? i assume they are what made the number eleven on the cake, but i thought that was just icing. are they made of taffy?

    the quilt is very pretty. i think the name resting heart rate is clever, and 'clear!' would have been a cool name too!

  6. Musk sticks must be an Australian thing - they are long skinny lollies - firm but not brittle, like a candy banana - and I think they taste disgusting. Like cheap perfume. But others love them...