Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This and that

There's bits of this and bits of that going on here at the moment - not much of anything, but it's nice to be home and healthy. It was quilt delivery day last weekend for our exhibition starting on the 9th. Like everything to do with Canberra Quilters, the delivery process was fearsomely well organised and slightly over-engineered. I put my quilts in old shopping bags. Most people don't. I entered Work-life Balance and Tahitian Women - two quilts I like, even though they're not really show-stoppers.

I broke my old mixmaster bowl a couple of weeks ago - it had served me well for fourteen years, but it was never really fabulous, especially at creaming butter and sugar. I bake a lot of cakes so I was very tempted into the gorgeous pretty Kitchenaid, but $700??? Tough call. In the end I went with the Breville Scraper Mixer Pro, which was half that cost and apparently does a much better job. And it's very very very cool - it arrived yesterday and I gave it a whirl today. I'm not sure how much the photo shows but that is one bowl full of awesomely well-creamed butter and sugar.


 They eventually turned into lemon syrup mini cakes.

Now, apparently when you mention some product you love, you have to say that it is not a sponsored post - I bought my mixer myself (Bing Lee online, mega bargain actually) and Breville are not paying me to say how awesome their mixer is ... LIKE THAT WOULD EVER HAPPEN. What is this wonderful world where people get free appliances??? Not mine, my friends, not mine.

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  1. $700 for a kitchenaid mixmaster? whew! that's pretty steep. over here they are not cheap either, maybe $250, but not $700. my hubby got me one 13 years ago for our anniversary (he's such a romantic - seriously, though, i really wanted one for years). mine is about worn out and i have been putting off getting another one because they are high in price.