Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Construction site

I spent this morning setting up for the exhibition this weekend. It's a big guild with a big exhibition and the setting up this morning went (largely) like clockwork; despite it being the exhibition co-ordinator/designer's first year, she had it all organised and the quilts were just flying onto the walls. We have to wear fluorescent vests because it is considered a construction site - it made it all seem very serious indeed. The builders were still putting the walls up to show the quilts on, so there were forklifts and drills and blokes rolling their eyes when they were asked to maybe, actually, just put it back how it was, that was better, in the end.

As usual, I was struck by how my own quilting is sloppy, amateurish and unadventurous. I pinned my own quilts to the wall, and admitted they were mine, but they are not the kind of thing that stands out in such company. I put up "Work-life Balance" - which it is as arty as I get, I think it's a bit of gentle mockery of the public service generic selection criteria - and one of the lovely women said "that has such bright colours! Did you make it for a child's room?". I said "thank you", but I was thinking "I poured my artistic soul into this scathing commentary on modern society!!! CHILD'S ROOM????"


  1. I saw your work-life balance quilt and thought it was amazing. And I laughed - I totally got it. Some people should really leave their comments to themselves! Loved all the modern quilts on show this year, especially yours.

    Did you get to the show at all?

  2. Some people have no artistic appreciation, clearly.