Sunday, August 19, 2012

Even squares can do my head in

So, I'm doing a sort of postage stamp. Squares - nice big ones, two and half inches - sewn together in a fairly obvious way. I've drawn it up and coloured it in and now I'm stitching and it is completely doing my head in. There are no obvious blocks, and they all have to go in exactly the right way or it doesn't work, and I keep forgetting what I'm doing. I've resorted to numbering and labelling the different groups - main blocks with numbers and edge blocks with letters. Different labelling systems! What is the world coming to.

The blocks look perfectly fine, like your average 25 patch. Not nearly exciting enough to warrant all this mental and physical exertion.

On a more interesting note - it snowed on Friday!!! Maybe once a year we get a little flurry of snow. I've only ever seen it turn the ground white once in my eighteen years in Canberra, and it certainly didn't this time, just hit the ground and melted. But it certainly gives everyone something to look at - we were having a meeting at work but just stopped, and stared out the window, at this freaky white stuff falling from the sky.

And lastly, a picture of my birthday cake. It was a lemon yoghurt cake and delicious. It was meant to have a fluffy lemon butter cream icing but somehow when the lemon juice was added it went lumpy and odd. Still tasted awesome, but wasn't smooth and creamy like it should be. I iced some cupcakes with coffee buttercream icing today and they turned out fine, so I'm thinking it was the lemon juice. Mmm....

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  1. happy birthday! hope you had a nice one. your cake looks good to me.

    i love snow. wish we got more of it during our winters. right now, i'm just glad our crazy heat has gone away for a while.