Monday, August 27, 2012

And a border

I decided my little green quilt needed just some liberated triangles for a border. Easy enough to pop on, and now it's batted and backed and I've started on the hand quilting.

 Wobbly hand quilting, my speciality.

Spring is nearly here - footy season has finished for number one son and there are blossoms on the trees and daffodils in the garden. Covered by an inch of frost this morning, but still I can feel the warmer seasons coming on. And the other annual marker has been and gone - the Science Fair. We (and I say we, because it would be quite untrue to say that it was all done by the child who was actually meant to do it) went with growing some mould this year. This is the before photo. I won't give you the after shot, it's too disgusting.


  1. Ah, how well I remember doing all those projects for my children...

  2. School projects, I mean. Well, doing them WITH my children. I... we... won some prizes. (Bows.)